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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services...
What does our service mean to you?  Let me sum it for you....
We market your home via splash marketing all over the internet. If you show your home and provide the buyer to Sunshine Realty, we will write the contract and provide you with full service on the back end.  All you pay is the original up front listing fee and 1/3 of one percent (.33%) at closing of the sale.  Your home will be listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so cooperating realtors can show and sell your home. If the buyer that purchases your home is represented by a realtor, you pay the Sunshine Realty fee of 1/3 of 1% as well as a commission to the realtor that brings the buyer. No matter who sells your home, you can potentially save thousands of dollars selling with Sunshine Realty versus using a 6% agent.  Our average seller saves an excess of $7000 by selling with the Sunshine Plan. 
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Will my listing look just like other sellers listings that have chosen to list with a traditional 6% agent?
Yes.  All Sunshine Realty MLS listings are “Full Service” listings and will not appear any different than any other
listing in the MLS.  We handle hundreds of transactions and we are experts at marketing your property.
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Will Sunshine Realty handle all my paperwork?
Yes. We will walk you through every step of the contract process up until the day you walk in to the closing table to make sure that the process goes smoothly for you.  We help take the stress out of selling your home.  
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Will Sunshine Realty help me determine the list price for my home?
Yes. We will provide you with a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of similar homes that have sold in your area and give you guidance on the best list price based on actual activity in your area. 
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Do you represent buyers and sellers?
Yes. Many of our sellers become our buyers.  We also receive referrals, call in clients from signs, websites, etc. 
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What is REALTOR.com? 
REALTOR.COM is the “Public” version of the MLS.  It is by far the largest public Internet site where buyers can search for homes. The advantages of listing your home on the MLS - your home will then be copied to the REALTOR.com web site along with all of it pertinent information and will be accessible to millions of home buyers worldwide via the Internet.
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Will I receive a professional yard sign?
Yes.  A professional Sunshine Realty sign will be provided that is conservative and does not indicate in any way that you are listed with a non-traditional listing company.
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Can I find a buyer and sell my home to my own buyer?
Yes.  If you find and sell your home to a buyer not working with a realtor, no buyers agent commission will be due at the closing of the sale. The only commission that will be owed is to Sunshine Realty which is the .33% at closing.  Notify us immediately and we will write the offer and handle everything for you until closing.
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If Sunshine Realty brings the buyer, will I owe a commission at closing?
Yes.  If a Sunshine Realty agent brings a buyer to your home that you did not personally provide to them, and that buyer purchases your home, then we are entitled to receive the buyers agent commission at closing just like any other agent as stated in the MLS.
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